Saturday, September 25, 2010

I am Blessed Indeed!

It's been awhile since I have had the time to sit and write. I'm  not sure I really should be now- as I write, my youngest daughter Makayla is tormenting her older brother Josiah by trying to kiss him. As "punishment" Josiah is daring her to kiss the floor, chair and bouncy horse. Watching them play is always a laugh. To Brian's relief, Josiah is old enough to resist the girls during "dress-up" and he now refuses to wear the princess outfit (unless he wants to get a rise out of his Dad). I can hear Ezekiel (the 2 year old) squealing with delight in the bathroom; he has gone poopy all by himself! OK- "BRIAN, will you help him with that?" The blessings of two parents! I am blessed indeed!

Life is always exciting around here. I have two boxes of bandaids; one for the "I HAVE to have a bandaid- it huuuuuurts!", and one for the real bandaid needs hidden in the back of the closet. I think I should buy stock in Arnica for the bumps and bruises and we always keep several frozen "boo-boos" on hand at all times for those numerous owies. There are so many noises it is impossible to describe but my favorite is the laughter that rings through the house more often then not and the sound of my family's prayers at prayer time and throughout the day. I am blessed indeed!

I am often asked how we do it. How we live in unity in such a small house; how we love each other through the ups and downs; how we home school with babies and toddlers and life etc...  Well, the only answer is JESUS and our reliance on Him. We are constantly refocusing on Him as the One who gives us all we need and teaches us to be all we need to be for each other and for our Lord. We serve Him - not each other. We love Him first - not each other. There is no magic answer and yes we fail often but, our God forgives us and renews each moment with His grace. This house is full of sinners working their relationship with their Creator out in full view of each other. That is what is lovely about family- chaos and all. I am blessed indeed!

Just so you don't get any high notions of perfection here- I have been writing this off and on for 2 days and have had to stop too many times to count. Most of the time to nurse but also to train, love on and pray with my brood. Thank Lord for ALL your blessings. Would I be crazy to pray for some more? I am blessed indeed!

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  1. Kristin, Your blog is so pretty! I love autumn colors. Thank you for adding my button to your blog; let me know if you need help with yours. btw, I can't read the yellow "comments" and "posts" etc. at the bottom of your post. It might be just my computer...

    Love your family picture, too! You are indeed BLESSED! We've been praying for more but the Lord had said No. (F had rev. surgery several years ago.)

    Love in Christ,