Tuesday, December 14, 2010

And They Just Keep Growing...

Our baby is 10 months old already. What has happened to the time? We are so blessed! I love every season of our children's life. It is so exciting to see them each grow and learn and I get to be a part of it all!  I feel so fortunate that I can rejoice with my oldest son as he learns what an adult life is like. I then get the honor of sharing with my teen daughter in all of her adventures. That is followed by the excitement of watching my two pre-teen daughters blossom into beautiful young ladies and my younger sons and daughter embrace the joy of learning about their world. What would life be like if we didn't have these blessings?  Boring to say the least!

I am asked weekly if "I'm done yet?". Why would I want to stop being blessed? Each of these children come with their own challenges and each one grows my character in a different way. God knows what He is doing as He graces us with these children. He knows what they need to grow them closer to Himself and what we parents need to rely on Him and become more like Him.

Each day is very busy and there are days that I am sure God can't know how ill equipped I am to do this job. But, without fail, I am reassured over and over again that God's ways are not my ways and my ways are not His. It is humbling to see Him work in our children in spite of our shortcomings. I praise Him for His grace and mercy!

Ready for the BIG question? Are we done yet? I pray not! Maybe you can join us in prayer for more blessings? Next time twins would be awesome! I have never had twins! Oh and please pray that we will bless God with each one of them too!