Friday, January 4, 2013

2012- Amazing or Insane?

Wow! It has been a long time since I have had time to sit and write. As I pondered this, I realized just how busy 2012 was for me. So, I thought I would make a list of all my "jobs" for the year and when I begin to wonder why my head is spinning (because 2013 looks to be just as amazing) I can re-read this post and remind myself of what it is I actually do.

Here it goes- I was a mother to 9, Nana to 1 and wife to 1. I grew a baby, pushed him out in February and nursed him exclusively until September. I couponed, planned deals, shopped the deals and shopped for the normal food and household needs weekly. I planned the meals and helped cook them. I learned more about nutrition and how to feed us cheaper and healthier. I prayed. I planned the lessons, field trips and taught the lessons for children PreK through Sophmore in high school. I doctored the sick. I juggled the budget and paid the bills. I dealt with insurance companies and filed the claims. I ran the kids to church outings, appointments and play dates. I scheduled and planned all the birthdays and holidays (gifts, parties, dinners and all). I scheduled and dressed everyone for family photos and got them to the shoot on time (and only cried twice). I ordered and sent the Christmas cards. I co-taught High School Sunday School and made sure donuts were there every week. I led a High School Girls Bible Study of Esther. I organized and purchased the food for our Youth group. I co-led the JR/SR High Girls Youth group. I sang at a church on Easter. I counseled and mediated many squabbles and arguments. I talked late into the night with my teen girls in angst and for fun. I cared for my mother after 2 different surgeries. I committed to be part of a new church start and started meeting weekly to prepare for that in 2014. I trained and prepared for my husband and oldest daughter to go to Mexico for 2 weeks during which I cared for a friend after his hospital stay for 3 weeks. I watched my loved ones crash and burn and praised the Lord when they started in the right direction. I prayed without ceasing. I cleaned the house and did the laundry. I trained our children some more and prayed again. I planned and packed for a family vacation in Redmond. I played with my kids and went to dinner with my husband. I slept sometimes. I prayed a lot and I LOVED my family.

I am sure some things are missing but for the most part that sums it up. I have great helpers and I could not do anything without my husband and our children acting as a team. It was an exciting year with many ups and downs. Heartaches and joys. A year that was, as usual, busy but BLESSED.

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